Trevi Ristorante LLC

Welcome to Trevi, Home of the Best Italian Cuisine.

Closest to Italy as you can get without crossing over seas, the beautiful Trevi fountain and the amazing murals

will captivate you and the smell of the food with entice you. Come enjoy a true

Italian dish, share a smile and have a good time with your friends at Trevi!

 Please take time to look over our Menu and please stop in and enjoy a fine Dinner in our dinning room.

New Menu coming soon!


Need a place for a Party.

Trevi is just the place for you.

Give us a call 302-653-6800


The largest Baroque fountain in Rome, one of the largest in the world, certainly the most famous and recognizable fountains in the world – The Trevi Fountain, you couldn’t miss this fountain even if you tried and you’d be missing out on something wonderful if you did.